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Flowserve Shipping/Receiving Clerk in Suzhou, China

通过核查产品定单上的原料和物资,将成品、原料、非生产物料有序安置 ; 根据生产线上的产品进程发放原材料 ; 将实际的收发货记录,在 Oracle 系统进行即时的维护,并做好书面文件归档工作,确保实物、单证以及系统三者进 / 出 / 存帐目数据的一致性 ; 及时完成当天的产品出货以及相关的文件记录等事项 ; 维护工作区域的整洁、有序 , 做好 5S 工作。 完成主管安排或指定的工作; Arrange the finished products, raw materials and non production materials orderly by checking the raw materials and materials on the product order; Release raw materials according to the product process of production line; Maintain the actual receipt and delivery records in Oracle system immediately, and do a good job of filing written documents to ensure the consistency of the data of physical objects, documents and system in / out / storage accounts; Timely complete the day's product delivery and related documents and records, etc; Maintain the working area clean and orderly, and do 5S work well. Finish the work assigned or assigned by the supervisor.

Req ID : R-859